In a woman’s life, a handbag is an important piece. It doesn't just represent an item that she uses to carry her belongings. It represents her personality.

ASKINA COLLECTION is a french brand that aims to encourage and remind women to speak for themselves, to rise about their comfort zone to achieve their deepest goals and aspirations. To build up her confidence whether she is in search of it or not, women, are so much more than she may think!

The material used and style of our design is clean and minimalist. Our colors of choice are thoughtful and season-less. Whatever the fashion trend is, the vision of ASKINA COLLECTION is to get you a functional piece.

The designs of ASKINA COLLECTION pieces are inspired from Anissa's travels and exposure to the different cultural element around the world, her life experience and a pinch of fashion trends around her. She blends her love for minimalism designs and timelessness to create collections that are designed for women chic and elegant.

ASKINA COLLECTION evokes the idea of confidence, strength, freedom, beauty in the unknown and independence through high quality material and craftsmanship.


The owner, Anissa M, attaches great importance to values and incorporated them in her brand's identity :

Durable : qualitative pieces thoughtfully designed to last beyond the seasons, pieces made to order to avoid overproduction, reduced and recycled packaging, ... 
Sustainable : selection of a certified leather supplier who is committed to respect the environment and people by having the minimum impact on health and environment (reduced water consumption during the phase of production, ...). All leather used are the by-product of the meat industry. This means that our brand is not supporting slaughterhouses and factories where animals are cruelly treated for their wool or fur.

Philanthropist : 5% is donated to Deaf Child Worldwide that supports Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in developing countries. These aids allow them access to education in the same way as hearing children but also to bring deaf awareness in their environments (family, friends, ...). To know more about our passion and Deaf Child Worldwide, please click here.

Transparency and traceability : the pieces are made by Anissa M in France, from the design to the finished product, who uses leather and components from Europe, mainly from France and Italy.

All the products are made in a well organized, clean and smoke free & animal free environment in order to develop beautiful and quality products which are in-line with the ASKINA COLLECTION brand message. 


Anissa is the French Founder, Director, Designer and Maker of ASKINA COLLECTION. Passionate about sewing, she started sewing every now and then from a very young age until she was 26 years old when she began to steadily sewing her own wardrobe all self taught. 

Before thinking about the idea of launching ASKINA COLLECTION, she couldn’t find a handbag appealing so she started making one for herself. That’s when the strong desire to design leather handbag for modern women was born.

All the pieces are handmade in France, one bag at a time.