New project

Dear reader, 

These past few months have been exciting with a unexpected event!

Since my new project takes majority of my time, the production time is extended to 4 to 5 weeks before shipping

To read more about why behind it, read below : 

During the confinement early April, I went to the pharmacy but I faced a barrier communication because the employees were all wearing a face mask.

I have a moderate deafness and I often rely on lip reading. That day, I couldn't communicate well.

After an intensive French Sign Language courses, I wanted to learn ASL.
I knew the transparent face mask 2 years ago while searching on internet where to learn ASL in the USA, I found it brilliant ! Then I totally forgot.

At the beginning of the confinement, I remembered the transparent face mask and tried to make two prototypes. Then I put it aside because I didn't know what would be the next step to produce at a larger scale.

Came the episode at the pharmacy... when I went out, it gave me the energy to go beyond what I thought I was capable of. 

I've made a third prototype, built a website and set up a gofundme page, all within 3 days.
To my surprise, this project took an unexpected turn.
Its name is MASQUE INCLUSIF (Inclusive mask).

If you want to know more, please click here, you will be redirected to the transparent face mask website.